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Do you want to sell your records, CDs and audio equipment?

Contact us and send us your lists.  But note, we are only interested in records/CDs (and their covers/jewel case boxes) in mint or near mint condition.  The only time we may make an exception to this is in the case of very rare collectible items.  Click on our collector’s guide for tips on the kind of records we are looking for.

For classical music LPs, we are always interested in the following labels:

Decca SXL Series

EMI (HMV) ASD Series

Columbia SAX Series

Bear in mind that we specialise in classical music 33rpm LPs.  Non classical and 78s are only considered if exceptional.  Please do not contact us about easy listening, shows/soundtracks or 78s in general.  Collectible pop, rock and jazz from 50s, 60s and 70s considered.  If you have the right records we will offer the best possible price for them.  You may be interested in our Classical Record Price Guide. Good quality audio equipment also considered – again this must be in excellent condition and full working order.

Classic Records
Classic Records