Classical Record Price Guide 6th Edition


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Fantastic resource, every classical LP collector/seller should have one, 5 stars”

“amazing work. very helpful seller, a MUST for Classical collectors”

“Well worth the money!”

“An interesting reference for all serious record collectors. Recommended”

“Very useful indeed- many thanks. Excellent seller, friendly communications”

These are all genuine testimonials from recent purchasers of our fantastic collectors’/ buyers’/ sellers’ Price Guide. 

This lists contains 17,815 classical records in Excel format and contains details of record label, record serial number, composers, artists, label, sub-genre (eg orchestral, violin) and notes on other information (for example, precise condition for over 90% items, useful for pricing decisions), and 80% of the entries now have links to photos of record sleeves.

This incredibly useful guide will help you make decisions about buying and selling classical records.  It gives indications of price for variants such as label and condition, cross references many items with other records so you can determine alternative releases with the same material.  If the release is especially rare, it gives this information.  It also details records which are TAS listed (The Absolute Sound listings of audiophile and other superb records).

You can sort this list by record label, by record serial number, by composer, by artist/performer, by subgenre, by price.  It covers the sought after Decca (including most Decca SXLs ever released), Columbia, HMV, EMI, Mercury, RCA Deutsche Grammophon, Philips labels along with many, many other smaller labels.

At it’s most basic, it can help you list your own collection without all the tedious inputting required.  All the entry information is there, all you need to do is put the figure “1” in a new column at the end of each row listing a record in your collection and then sort that column alphabetically Z-A to list all of your records.  This is our own list compiled over the last 12 years as one of the world’s top classical record dealers  It has taken 1000s of hours of research, inputting and photographing record sleeves.  What price can you put on this?  5000 Pounds? No, just GBP 39.99

If something like this had been around when I started my business, I would have gladly paid hundreds of pounds!  But I repeat, it’s available for only L39.99.  If you have already paid full price for an earlier edition you can have this for only GBP 19.99.  This applies to all repeat business.

Here’s the feedback left by a recent customer based in Australia for this guide

“Fantastic resource, every classical LP collector/seller should have one, 5 stars.  I have book references, and had always thought a searchable spreadsheet format would be more useful, you have proved that thought correct. Also the fact that you have so many other labels included is extremely helpful in valuing my potential sales or purchases.  I found lots of records I didn’t know I had were valuable. Excel spreadsheets, are so easy to customize columns or re-sort the listings by different categories or requests. You have saved me hundreds even thousands of hours research or inputting time, to create my own spreadsheet reference from known paper based editions.
It took me all of 10 seconds to push the BUY button when I saw your advert, and will never regret it. What a bargain, I will definitely be interested in updates.
Congratulations also, on the best multiple Genre record collectors site I’ve seen on the Web. Now firmly entrenched at the top of my favourites list.”

Jim Spencer, Australia

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