LP Condition

Record Condition Grading System

Most of our records are Near Mint.  If there is no information provided on condition the record is likely to be NM, or at least EX.  We have recently introduced a visual grading system, however, as follows:


90%                Mint M, (90% is the highest figure given as no records are perfect)

80-89%           Near Mint, NM, almost flawless, at 85% only the lightest scuff marks to the record, slight wear to the cover.  Above 85% and up to 89%, there should be no marks on the playing surface of the record.  Below 85%, down to 80%, there will be progressively more marking, but this will only be very light and superficial.

70-79%           Excellent, EX, a few more light surface marks than will be seen at 80-85%, light ring wear or creasing to cover, slight tears to the cover.  Remains of price labels or sellotape evident to the cover.

60-69%           Very Good, VG, more obvious marks to the record, more obvious creasing, ring wear or laminate lift, worse tears to the cover.  There may be ticks from the record but see below*.

The information is provided for the record first, and then for the cover or box, for example you will find NM/NM in the notes on each record followed by, for example, 85/85.  This means 85/100 or 85% both for the record and for the cover.  But remember 90% is the highest figure we use, so it is not unreasonable to consider that 85 is actually 85/90, or 94%

Records are viewed under a bright halogen light where practical – this very clearly shows any marks.

This information is available for around 90% of our stock.

*This is a visual grading system.  If we are aware of any audio problems affecting a record, such as ticks, we will provide this information in detail.