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I have been collecting records for many years now as I love music.  I was briefly seduced by CDs when they were introduced at the beginning of the 80s with the promise of “perfect sound forever”.  We now all know that that was pure marketing hype. CDs do not last forever, and their sound quality is very restricted by the parameters that were set for their production, hence the advent of new media such as DVD-A and SACD which are better, but not great.

Brett Grant - Classic Records
Brett Grant – Classic Records

As well as a love of music, I’m a bit of an audiophile, so I have a range of fairly esoteric hi-fi equipment (DNM amps, Kef speakers, and a turntable made by a friend, with a Monster cartridge, and with the right recordings it produces some very sublime music.  Sometimes I can close my eyes and imagine the violinist right in front of me and a few feet to the right…

I love classical music, especially violin, but I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes and enjoy most kinds of music depending on my mood.  A result of this is that I am starting to sell a greater variety of records, adding new genres every month.

I also appreciate the work that went into many of the record covers.  Many of the early record covers were works of art in themselves.  Handling a CD jewel case is no substitute.

In the mid 1990s, I started to turn my love of music into a business, first supplying other record dealers, and then finally in 2000 I set up Classic Records.  My hobby has quickly turned into a full-time and very demanding business, which I have now been running for 14 years.

Brett Grant, Sheffield

Our Commitment

We provide a fast, efficient and secure service at fair prices.  Indeed, we attempt to keep our prices as competitive as possible, and every month many prices are reduced – and 100s of new records are added to our lists.

We have multiple copies of many classical records – and where we have several copies we reduce prices.

We take great care cleaning and packing your records.

Our classical records are mostly in mint/ near mint condition (except where stated).  See our Grading System.  If you are unhappy at the condition of any record we guarantee to provide a full refund.

What others say about us

“Outstanding service, quality and quite simply, the most serious, reliable source for vintage vinyl in the entire world. Our collection would not have been possible without Brett Grant and CLASSIC RECORDS.”

Peter Poltun, Director of Archives, Vienna State Opera

“Let me also say again how much I appreciate your commitment to provide only the best records and service. Quite frankly no one else comes even close.”

John Daniels, Australia

“I have received Szeryng’s two LPs. Very wonderful items! Surfaces are very beautiful, and jackets are also very good!! I’m very glad to get them. Thank you very very much.”

Masato Watanabe, Japan

Thank you again for your very prompt and professional service – your LPs are always clean, securely packaged and done with care – this is really exceptional…”

Mark Mason, U.K.


Company Information

Classic Records
1 Welburn
222 Graham Road
S10 3GS
United Kingdom

tel:      +44 (0)114 229 5215

mob:   +44(0)7595 302847

email: sales@classicrecords.co.uk

Skype: brettgrant1




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